Effective Risk Management

  • Risk Management Strategic
  • Conflict Management
  • Crisis & Change Management
  • Six Sigma Quality Management
  • Transformation Thru Empowering
  • Time & Stress Management
  • Boosting Revenue Through Prefection of Internal Process
  • People development, and Strategic Marketing

Effective Strategic Management

  • Corporate Strategic Planning
  • Time Management Strategic
  • Effective & Efficient Performance
  • Change Management
  • Managerial Skills Empowerment
  • Time & Stress Management
  • Goal Setting for Successful Management
  • How To Build Corporate Culture

Effective HR Management

  • Building HRM Mindset for Non Manager
  • Quickwins to Develop People Effectively
  • Exploring Human Excellence
  • Performance Anda People Development
  • Sales Recruitment And Development
  • Designing HR Strategy

Effective Leadership Skills

  • Leadership Development Program
  • Self Mastery Leadership
  • How To Motivating & Influence People
  • Powerful Leader
  • Leadership when The Heat’s On
  • Leadership for Sales dan Marketing People
  • Why Leader Eat Last
  • Creative Problem Solving, and Sharp Decision Making
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Situasional Leadership
  • Smart and Innovation Leadership
  • Comprehensive Branch Manager Quality
  • Excellence Team Work for Maximum Contribution
  • Powerful Branch Manager for Effective Result
  • Handling Difficult People
  • Effective Communication & Interpersonal Skills
  • Sucessful Coaching for Maximum Performance

Effective Sales Management

  • Smart Selling & Super Marketing
  • Professional Debt Collections Skills
  • Smart Collector People
  • Professional Sales Manager
  • Creating Sales Superstar
  • Creative Selling for Sales Team
  • Selling Advance Solution
  • Easy Selling & Easy Marketing
  • Happy Selling & Happy Buying
  • Professional Counter Sales
  • The Art of Big Selling
  • The Art of Competitive a Negotiation
  • Building Salesmanship Skill for Maximum Result

Effective Marketing Management

  • Marketing and Competitive Intellegence
  • Dimension of Business Success
  • Strong Brand Strong Profit
  • Strategic Retail Marketing
  • Power Pricing to Maximize Profit

Effective Customer Management

  • Comprehensive Handling Customer Complain
  • Customer Care & Service Excellence
  • Customer Loyalty Advantage
  • Self Reflection for Service Excellence

Effective Training For Trainer

  • Basic Training for Trainers
  • Advance Training for Trainers
  • Comprehensive Training for Trainers
  • How To Be a Good Trainer
  • How To Coaching, Counseling, and Mentoring

Effective Motivational Session

  • Let’s Transform Your Potential Perform
  • Personal Effectiveness & Self Awareness
  • The Spirituality at Work & Business
  • Happiness at Work
  • Leadership & Motivation Skills
  • Character Building & The Winning Team
  • The Champion Mentality & Personal Excellence

Effective Strategic Business Portfolio

  • Strategic Business Portfolio
  • Corporate Culture and Human Resource Management System
  • Job Evaluation, Grading System and Salary Structure
  • Performance Management System Based Key Performance Indicator (KPI)
  • Leadership when The Heat’s On
  • Good Corporate Governance and Corporate Culture (GCG) Implementation
  • HRM Audit Manual, Result and Recommendation
  • HRM Road Map, HRM Manual Policy and Procedure
  • Establish Competency Based Human Resource Management

Motivational Outbound Training,
Fun Outing, and Family Gathering

  • Performance Communication Skills
  • Leadership for The Winning Team
  • Fun and Refreshing Work
  • Team Building for Family
  • To Be Number One
  • Motivational Outbound Training with Glass Walk & Fire Walk Experience
  • Attitude Puzzle Outbound Program

Effective Supervisory Management

  • Effective Professional Supervisory Manager
  • Effective Professional Team Leader
  • Comprehensive Supervisory Skills

Effective Improvement & Productivity

  • Employee Potential Asessment
  • Manpower Planning and Workload Analysis
  • Productivity Improvement & Employee Engagement
  • Competency Based HRM
  • Productivity and Cost Reduction
  • Service Excellent Based Values
  • Public Speaking and Business Presentation Skills
  • Pention Preneur Program